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Notice of Special General Meeting 2020

A Special General Meeting of Formby U3A will be held at

2:00pm on Wednesday 12th February 2020 in Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Rosemary Lane, Formby


1.  Approval of a replacement Constitution for Formby University Of The Third Age. (This is the only item for consideration)


The parent body of U3A’s nationwide, the Third Age Trust (TAT), have agreed a new model constitution with the Charity Commission and all U3As are now required to adopt this model as the basis of their own Constitutions. Any amendments to the model must be cleared in advance with TAT

The committee have performed a detailed study of the new model constitution and have agreed charges with TAT where we believed them to be required or beneficial to Formby U3A. For example the numbers of members required to achieve a quorum at meetings, the named Officer roles to be included in the constitution and the grace period for the renewal of memberships. Details on how to view the current and proposed new constitutions are given below.

The Committee of Formby U3A believe that adopting the proposed new constitution will not impact on our activities and are therefore happy to recommend it to our members for adoption.


This proposal is made by Keith Jacques, secretary of Formby U3A and is seconded by Frances Taylor, chairman.

Current Constitution:

The current constitution can be viewed on the website of the Formby U3A (click on the Admin” tab on the home page then select Formby U3A Constitution 2018”) or click here

Proposed Replacement Constitution:

The proposed replacement constitution can also be viewed on the website of the Formby U3A (click on the Admin tab on the home page then select “Formby U3A Constitution 2020”) or click here

Non Quorate meeting

In the event of the meeting being inquorate (i.e. less than 10% of the membership present), the meeting will be reconvened immediately before the AGM on Wednesday 11th March 2020


AGM 2020

There is a separate page for details and information for the AGM 2020 11th March - please click here


2020 Meetings

12th February  -  “Through the Eyes of a Magician” - Pete Turner

Using clever reverse psychology, you will get an insight how Pete plays with your mind that will give you a positive outlook to the Art of Perception

Please click here for future meetings and events



We are hoping to have an “Open Day” in early June which will include a celebration of 30 years of Formby U3A.  It is also the month of the National U3A day. 

The format of the event is yet to be decided and we would welcome the input of members and Group Leaders as to how the event/celebration should be organised.  Ideas of how your Group could contribute to the event would be particularly welcome so if you want to make sure your Group can put on a performance, give a talk or presentation, or have a display included this is your chance to get involved.  It could also be a great chance to recruit new members to your Group.  The event could also be an opportunity to showcase Formby U3A to potential new members

There are over 100 groups in Formby U3A and we hope Group Leaders and Group members will to take this opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents - or simply to share the “Joie De Vivre” of their Group on the day.

We need volunteers to form a planning committee to help with its organisation and make it a success.  Please contact the secretary (secretary@formbyu3a.org.uk) if you feel that you can help in any way.


Is anyone related to Stanley Crawford? - January 2020

Paul Carter, a member of Southport U3A, has by chance acquired documents and photographs relating to Stanley Crawford who originated in Formby and died a few years ago in the Isle of Wight.  He knows his sister had children and some family members may still be in Formby.  He would like to pass the items to a family member otherwise he will dispose of them.  If anyone is related to Stanley Crawford please contact Paul on meetandeatsouthportu3a@gmail.com.


NOVEMBER 2019 - please click here for a pdf of the nomination form for the 2020-2021 Formby U3A Committee



Can You Help?

Author Frances Taylor 577205 chairman@formbyu3a.org.uk

Right now there are 3 vacancies on the Committee and the whole of the Formby U3A Committee will be up for election at the AGM in March. If you feel you could contribute to the smooth running of your U3A, please think about joining the committee either now or in March. It gives you a chance to meet new people and find out what is going on.  We welcome new people and new ideas. You don’t need to apply for a specific position – all contributions are gratefully received! Please contact any Committee member to find out what it involves.


As Formby U3A secretary I sometimes get some unexpected emails. Recently I received an email from a doctor in Australia which I thought was worth sharing. Roger Smith, an Australian family doctor has self-published a book on health – Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life - please click here to view  more details (pdf)


Sefton Borough of Culture 2020

Author, David Davies, Group Leader U3A Folk - please click here to view his report & here for the poster & here for the newsletter




The Newsletter editor is Dave Goodwill, with Doug Boyd deputising in Dave’s absence. Contributions to the monthly Newsletter are ALWAYS welcomed and actively encouraged.  The next issue will be February 2020 and the deadline for submissions is Thursday 23rd January 2020

Please be aware - To comply with GDPR implementation - Members submitting photographs must ensure that all people shown in photographs are aware that photographs are being taken for inclusion in the Newsletter and may also be used on the website

Please send any articles, photos and items for inclusion in the newsletter to newseditor@formbyu3a.org.uk - please note email delivery is not 100% guaranteed, if 7 days after submitting an article you have not received an acknowledgement one of the e-mail systems may have failed, so please try again.

Email Newsletter links are now sent via Mailchimp - if you wish to read more about this system please click here (opens a pdf)


Membership forthcoming 2020-2021

If you do not renew your membership you are deemed to NO LONGER BE A MEMBER of Formby U3A and CANNOT partake of any of their activities as you will no longer have valid insurance cover.

Annual subscriptions were and will be due on 1st January. In order to ensure that the insurance cover provided by our affiliation to the Third Age Trust is not compromised, ALL membership subscriptions should be paid by 28th February.

If you have any queries regarding payment or wish to pay by Standing Order or make an Online Bank Payment then please contact the Membership Secretary, Christine McIlraith

Email: membership@formbyu3a.org.uk or 874787

If you are not certain if you are still a member please contact the Membership Secretary, Christine McIlraith

Email: membership@formbyu3a.org.uk or 874787

Or write to:

Membership Secretary

Formby U3A,

PO Box 216,

Liverpool L37 1XQ

If you require information on how to renew  your membership please click here


Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018, Formby U3A committee revised the policies for data protection and data privacy in line with the regulations

To view  the new polices please click here


Group Leaders

There is a separate page for Group Leader information - please click here


Latest Group vacancies - Please click here


Third Age Trust / University of the Third Age news, events and information. If you are not already registered on the National site then you will need to create an account to view  the member only areas and offers and receive their newsletter. The Third Age Trust (TAT) website can be viewed by clicking here.  The Third Age Trust website also has a resource section which has articles on a number of topics which may be of interest,  Please click here


North West Region of U3As - You may wish to see what events are available elsewhere please click here to visit their site

To access North West Region Newsletter visit u3asites.org.uk/north-west and link to the Newsletter

To view and sign up to receive the National Newsletter direct, visit u3a.org.uk/about/newsletter


Older News

SEPT 2017 - Local information

Village Surgery promotes healthy lifestyles - please click here to view the information (pdf)


Volunteer opportunities New  Update March 2017

Looking for a new challenge? Have you thought about volunteering to help local charities? - to view current opportunities with please click here