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There are two ways to find groups of interest

  • By subject name (alphabetical list) - please click here

  • By the day of the week they take place  - please click here


We currently have 130 individual groups covering 50 interest areas.  Each group is organised by a volunteer group leader. Most activities which follow a particular interest or hobby take place within these individual member’s home.

Current groups can be found by clicking in the blue box below. New and existing members should contact the group leaders of the activities in which they are interested. Not all groups have vacancies at any given time but most are willing to hold waiting lists. Or contact the Groups Secretary (see below)

The new Groups Secretary is Ann Knowles and she will be more than happy to support the formation of additional groups if there is sufficient interest shown, with the result that the newly formed groups are then added to this website. Please ring Ann on 01704 872333  or  email (groups@formbyu3a.org.uk)

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to meet her at the Monthly Workshop (click here for details) whenever possible

Current Group Vacancies

We have been informed that the groups below currently have vacancies or are interested in forming a new group - please click on each group name to see details (this facility is under development so it is not an exhaustive list of all groups with vacancies) - please contact the group leader for any group to check current availability. See below if seeking members for a new group

If you are a group leader and would like to advertise for vacancies through this page - please contact  groups@formbyu3a.org.uk (Groups Secretary) Tel:  872333 and this will be arranged with the webmaster

If you have experience of a subject that is not covered by current groups and would like to create such a group - please contact  groups@formbyu3a.org.uk (Groups Secretary)

 We are really keen to offer our members new skills.

New Groups Formation

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