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We currently have over 115 individual groups covering 50 interest areas.  Each group is organised by a volunteer group leader. Most activities which follow a particular interest or hobby take place within these individual member’s home.

Current groups can be found by clicking in the blue box below. New and existing members should contact the group leaders of the activities in which they are interested. Not all groups have vacancies at any given time but most are willing to hold waiting lists. Or contact the Groups Secretary (see below)

The Acting Groups’ Secretary position is Linda Sharratt, and additional groups may be opened if there is sufficient interest shown, with the result that the newly formed groups are then added to this website. Please email (groups@formbyu3a.org.uk) or ring 878232

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to meet Committee Members at the Monthly Workshop whenever possible (click here for details)

There are two ways to find groups of interest

  • By subject name (alphabetical list) - please click here

  • By the day of the week they take place  - please click here

To    All Group Leaders:

  • You have your own page for resources and information please click here

  • Just a reminder that every Group has its own ‘information page on the Formby U3A website. These are accessed by clicking on the Groups tab at the top of the page and then clicking on the alphabetical listing of groups. Some of these pages seem to need updating. Could all Group Leaders please check their page and e-mail any additions or amendments to the Group Secretary

  • If you are a group leader and would like to advertise for vacancies through this page please contact  groups@formbyu3a.org.uk (Groups Secretary) and this will be arranged with the webmaster

  • Group Reporting: A reminder that we need to include groups income and expenditure in our results from 2019. Many groups do not need complete monthly reports because they either don’t have any income and expenditure or amounts are very small (less than £100 per year) or the monies in and out occur on the same day. However these groups need to submit an annual statement to the Treasurer stating why they do not need to report,  if you haven’t already done so would you email the Treasurer with this information please email treasurer@formbyu3a.org.uk or send a letter to Formby U3A, PO Box 216, Liverpool, L37 1XQ, or speak to the Treasurer at the monthly coffee morning. If your group does have income and expenditure and you’re not already reporting, would you contact the Treasurer who will talk you through the straightforward requirements

If you have experience of a subject that is not covered by current groups and would like to create such a group - please contact  groups@formbyu3a.org.uk (Groups Secretary)

 We are really keen to offer our members new  skills.

Bridge 9: has vacancies for members to play Duplicate Bridge.  Meetings take place in members homes and members take it in turn to host.   Members would also be welcome to go on a reserve list to play occasionally in which case they would not be expected to host.  Please contact Barbara Hills at babs.hills@yahoo.com  or telephone  01704 834212

Beginners Golf: A new Golf Group has started up which is aimed at beginners.  The group meet weekly on Wednesday mornings, 10-11, at Formby Golf Centre on Moss Lane, and are given tuition by golf professional, David Lloyd at a driving range. The cost is £6.00 paid directly to David Lloyd on the day.  

For further details please contact Bob Campbell on 01704872591 or by e-mail bob.c@blueyonder.co.uk

Family History 3 has 2 vacancies and meets once a month on Monday morning.  The experience of the group members is very varied, from complete beginners to very experienced family history researchers.   We operate on a self-help basis and we also include visits to archives, talks by invited speakers and computer workshops.  Please contact David and Glennis Poole 01704 872284.

Boules: It has been suggested that a second Boules Group should be set up to play on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm at Formby Pool. Please email the Groups’ Secretary if interested.

Chess For Beginners introduces beginners to Chess, or helps members improve their play.

For further information please contact Ray Derricott on 01704876661.

Floral art.: We are a small group of people who share a love of flowers and arranging them to make attractive displays.  We would like a few more to join us to learn from each other and practice our skills.  No previous experience needed so why not give it a try.  We work with a variety of media,  flowers, foliage, grasses, plants, silk etcetra and try out different ideas and themes.  We meet on 2nd Wednesday of each month in Group members homes.  For further information contact Pauline Hall on 01704 879820

Folk Group: will be entertaining members with their highly successful musical dramalogue the "Bill Tasker" show at the forthcoming monthly November meeting and are also planning to tour the show locally this autumn. They plan to perform a new show about Thomas Fresh early next year. Freshfield was named after this highly colourful mid 19th Century character who worked for Liverpool Council as the "Inspector of Nuisances" and grew asparagus on his fields behind Freshfield Station. Please contact Group Leader, David Davies, telephone 01704 875563 or email davkar@tiscali.co.uk for information.

Gardening Group 1: meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month from 10:15am to 12:15pm to discuss a wide range of issues, including garden problems,  topical jobs, propagation and to swap plants. Occasional visits to other gardens may be arranged.For more information please contact Mike Belshaw on 01704 874940

Poetry Appreciation: A new group is forming. Members will bring along 2 poems based on a topic the group has chosen previously. There will be an opportunity to read the poems aloud and for everyone to join in a discussion about each one. Topics will be very varied in scope. No knowledge of poetry is needed, just an enthusiasm to learn and join in. The Group will meet monthly, the day and time will be agreed by members at the initial meeting. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact: Linda Sharratt, indigo4943@gmail.com or telephone 01704 878232.

Ukulele Group: meet at The Fernley Centre, St Joseph's, Blundell Avenue, on Saturday mornings from 10 to11 30, and people are very welcome to join us, whether beginners or experienced musicians.  Please contact Pat Harwood on 01704877047.

Vacancies: There are also vacancies in the following groups: Art, Bird Watching, Board Games, Boules, Bowls, Bridge Groups 1, 3, 8 & 22, Canasta 4 & 5, Current Affairs, Cycling, Floral Art 1 &2,  Gardening 3, Guitar, Golf,  Local History 6, Lunch, Needlecraft, Science, Scottish Dancing, Scrabble 2, Swimming, Table Tennis, Walking 2, 5 & 6, and Whist.

Your yellow 2019 membership card should be shown at all meetings.

We have been informed that the groups below currently have vacancies or are interested in forming a new group - please click on each group name to see details (this facility is under development so it is not an exhaustive list of all groups with vacancies) - please contact the group leader for any group to check current availability. See below if seeking members for a new group

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